Digital Keys

3 Steps to Perfecting the Mobile Guest Experience

In a recent study of 3,000 consumers in the U.S. and the U.K., more than 70% of respondents say they expect personalized experiences when they interact with brands. However, personalization cannot come without some amount of disruption, and there has been no shortage of ripple effects throughout the hospitality industry. According to Zaplox, a leading…

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3 Guest Behaviors that Define Hospitality Technology

The global hospitality market is in an adjustment period – a period of unprecedented change. According to recent research, the number of international travelers is expected to grow nearly two-fold by 2036. As the travel market expands, so too will the demands of hospitality markets everywhere. Accommodating for the anticipated growth, today we share a…

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Self-Service Doesn’t Have to Mean Lack of Service

Until recently, most resorts weren’t looking at digital self-service for fear the technology would obscure the human interaction that is so intrinsic to the hospitality industry. It’s the 21st century though, and consumers are incredibly self-sufficient – doing more using their smart devices from researching locales to booking online. Most reservations are completed almost entirely…

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